Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yo, I Saw Rocky the Other Night

I'd forgotten what a good movie it is. All those other crappy Rockys that followed must have ruined my perception of the original. I hadn't seen Rocky in ages, and it occured to me that I'm not sure if I ever saw it in its entirety, because there are lots of little terrific scenes I saw for the first time.

For example, when Rocky walks the bratty girl home and lectures her about hanging with hooligans on the block who don't respect her and as she steps into her house she calls him a creep. Then there's the part where he finally gets Adrian up to his apartment and they smooch by the front door and fall onto the floor, still smooching. And the scene where Mickey (Burgess Meredith) climbs all the stairs to ask Rocky if he can train him, Rocky kicks him out and has a 3 minute shouting fit by himself about how Mickey wasn't there for him before, and what a dump his apartment is and how much it stinks and oh, the indignity before he chases Mickey down the street and gives the little old man a hug and stuff.

Oh, Rocky. Hard on the outside but soft on the inside, see? It really is an excellent script. Remember his jokes about the turtle food when he'd go to the pet store to flirt with Adrian? Here's the excerpt from Stallone's script:

... How's the turtle food this

... Fine.

Me, I'm kinda aggravated.

... I'm sorry.

Ain't your fault - Here's the

Adrian nods... Though charmed, she is slightly intimidated.

The last food I got here had
more moths than flies -- An'
the moths get caught in my
turtle's throat -- That makes
them cough --

The OWNER, a squat woman of forty, steps out of the back and
waves at Rocky.

Yo, Gloria -- I was talkin'
about the turtle food -- Like
I was sayin', the moths get
caught in the turtle's throat
an' makes 'em cough...
A little cough an' I gotta
smack 'em on the shell -- An'
whatta think they get?

Adrian shrugs.

I smack 'em hard on the shell
an' they get... What?

... I don't know.


Both the Owner and Adrian smile.

Startin' with the bad jokes
early today, huh.

Inventin' jokes ain't easy.


Awww, Rock. Tell me about it.


newbluebaby said...

You mean when Rocky locks Adrian in his apartment, corners her and practically rapes her?

Yea, that scene taught be that No means Yes!

anne altman said...

then he wrote 'adriann is a whore' in the locker room?

love, jenn said...

FYI... the teenager he walks home (who is a real unappreciative piece of work) is in Rocky 800. Rocky hits on her in a creepy, this is really wrong kind of way!