Monday, March 02, 2009

Recession-Friendly Entertainment in the New Economy: TheSet NYC

I had the chance to check out theSet NYC's February 25th show last week at the New World Stages' Time Out New York Lounge. TheSet NYC is a 2-hour monthly showcase featuring a diverse lineup of musicians, comedians, poets, dancers, and even contortionists. Yes, contortionists! Unfortunately, I missed the show with the contortionist, but I was able to see the following talented folks, and we had a terrific time:

theSetNYC @ the Time Out New York Lounge, 340 West 50th Street, 2/25/09

You see that sign? It says Reserved.

Scout Durwood and Kai Raziq, co-hosts. Both gorgeous, no? Scout and Kai can be stalked at, and myspace / aladdin145, respectively.

J. Cabrera sang an infectious "I Used to Love You." Check him out at myspace /jcabreramusic.

Rachel's Last Resort. Rachel, an irreverent singer/songwriter, cracked me up with breakup songs on her mandolin. "I haven't left the house today; I'm eating frosting straight from the tub and wine straight from the bottle..." Oh, Rachel. How do you know my life? Check her out on myspace / thisisrachelslastresort.

6'7" Rapper GoodBrother threw me for a loop with his sensitive rhymes, including "I Cry Sometimes." and another, "Woman," where he gave props to us ladies: Wonderful, Outstanding, Mature, Aware, and Necessary. Amen, GoodBrother. Check him out at myspace / musayasin.

The gorgeous Scout Durwood, comedian and actress from Kansas City. "People at comedy shows generally cheer from where they're from. I'm from Kansas. No one chants."

Redwine sang to me a sexy version of "Take it Slow" and "I'm Ready" and "I Just Can't Stop." At least he was looking at me when he was singing. What kind of face do you make when someone is singing sexy songs to you? I don't know, but I think I made the wrong ones. Redwine can be found on myspace / redwinecom.

Kai demanding to see Redwine's driver's license and surprise! His name is actually Redwine. Redwine tells me its Native American. Love it!

Evon Campbell, a comedian from Brooklyn, made me laugh with his material about "time release crackers" and nude beaches. He can be found at myspace/evoncampbell.

Kama Linden, singer/songwriter and musician, sang her heart out about being "Better Late than Never" and "Uninhibited." Word, Kama. Word.

Kai Raziq, Scout Durwood and Redwine close the show.

TheSet NYC is as Recession '09 friendly as it gets because its free, free, that's right, a FREE, evening of up-and-coming nentertainment just blocks from Times Square in the heart of the most amazing city in the world. Visit for more information on being a part of or seeing their next showcase. Special thanks to producer Pim for having me; I'll be back!


newbluebaby said...

Actually, the question should be where do you look when someone is singing sexy songs to you?

anne altman said...

i don't know! i was all wrong.

pim said...

Thanks for the great post Anne!


Jorge said...

Thanks for the post, I'm glad you liked my music! Hopefully you can come out to my next show... Thanks again!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, Anne, for your lovely feedback! I should be doing a NEW YORK SHOW in APRIL.

anne altman said...

anytime, kids!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.