Monday, January 18, 2010

Ella Roof Heckendorn Liked to Write It Down

I never knew my paternal great grandmother Ella Roof Heckendorn, but I understand she was loved by her grandchildren, especially my Dad. All I really know about her is what she put in her scrapbook which my Grama gave to me. It's full of recipes, notes about the Reverend's sermon, notes about temperance and the evils of liquor, notes about her children and their children, who brought what to the Presbyterian church supper, prices and lbs of fruit and vegetables, and newspaper clippings: inspirational quotes, quotes about the Lord, tips on playing bridge, who got married, who was born, who died.

Last week my Aunt Sandi generously mailed me a little notebook she thought may have been Naomi Decker's, a childhood friend of Gram's. Miss Decker's name is indeed inscribed on the front cover--Naomi Decker, 152 East Avenue, Johnsonburg, Pennsylvania-- but upon reading, this diary definitely belonged to Ella Heckendorn. Likely it came into her possession from the Deckers somehow, as they were neighbors in Johnsonburg, PA.

Want to know what was goin' on July 6, 1940 in Mrs. Ella Heckendorn's world? Thought so!

Mabel, Doc, Maryellen and Nanette came at 8 o'clock July 6, 1940. They had brought Mrs. Nelson and Aunt Flo to Broadway. They stopped at Carl and Edna's and brought them up. Edna had baked banana cake.

Had lunch.

Doc brought for me
2 long loaves french bread
3 lb green peas
3 heads lettuce
1 basket black raspberries
1 1/2 dozen oranges
1 basket tomatoes
1 black walnut Buffet Roll
1 box muffin mix

It appears if you brought Ella a gift, she wrote it down; so any of you planning on going back in time and stopping by better bring something good. It's also interesting but not surprising to note that my Grama is missing from this entry and not present on this particular visit to her mother's. She had moved to Olean, NY by this time and was a little busy, clearly; by 1940 she was almost halfway into producing her brood of 10.

Stay tuned for more titillating excerpts from the diary of Ella Heckendorn.

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teri said...

ah, family history. can't wait to hear more stories.

that's what they use to put in the local papers, as well. if someone came to visit you, if someone walked you home after a party, etc., it was all in the paper. Although, I'm sure the population was miniskule (sp?) enough to put such things in the paper.