Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Today Show Has Softened My Brain

I may need to wear a helmet for awhile.

Since tossing my vintage 1990 stereo a few months ago, I regrettably no longer listen to NPR (WNYC) in the morning. I now rely on NY1 but since it repeats itself every fifteen minutes or so I've been also flirting with The Today Show. For this, I'm paying a high intellectual price. Man, is that show dumb. A dumb show talking down to what is a dumb audience, I guess, and I'm a dumbass for participating in the dumbing down process. I can't decide whom I like least. Meredith, Matt, Ann, or Al, and yet, there I am, watching it. Gross! As I was being patronized this morning, and Martha Stewart gasped, "I just love woks," as she tended to her stir fry before commercial break, I recalled a few dumb things folks have said around me recently.

In a meeting a few days ago, someone said, "Last year, we had an account that was literally in the toilet." Do you believe him? I don't believe him. That'd have to be one big toilet.

And recently while I was walking down Broadway, I encountered a group of tourists from Long Island. Naturally, they were chirping with excitement about their surroundings as they made their way to their next destination. One pointed to Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian, in NYC, formerly the Customs House, and exclaimed to her fellow hens, "That used to be Delmonico's Steak House*. Eggs Benedict was discovered** there. Yeah! Eggs benedict! It was discovered there!"

* no it didn't

Here's the real story behind eggs benedict.



glittergirl said...

whatever you do, stay away from that "after today" show with kathie lee gifford. it will turn your brain into pudding that runs out of your ears.

anne altman said...

too late

Del-V said...

You know, my office is a block from the American Indian museum in DC and I haven't been in there yet? Does that make me a racist?

anne altman said...

no, del-v! it's the other stuff.