Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Compliments to the Complimenter

It's nice to receive a compliment on your wardrobe from an average-dressed person, but it's a super boost to receive a compliment from an impeccably-dressed person, especially when the complimented is pregnant and feeling silly looking and the complimenter is male.

Generally, I do my best to look as impossibly cute as possible, and these days it takes a little less and yet much more effort, if you will. Since you're carrying extra blood when you're expecting (Gross? Sure!), you've got a natural blush in the face which is where "the glow" comes from. Then there's the fact that you're not losing any hair during pregnancy so it remains thicker and more lustrous and these things combined can make you look younger. I think. But you're also carrying another human, so that makes your body a bizarre shape, naturally, and you waddle like a penguin, and these things combined can make you feel self-conscious. Because people tend to stare at the misshapen penguin woman.

This morning as I waddled onto the elevator, the gentleman who let me on first said, "That is a beautiful cape. Cape, is it? I was behind you as we entered the revolving doors and noticed it."

"Thank you very much. Yes, I suppose it is a cape."

"What kind of pattern is that, is it a wool donegal?"

The man was tall, in his 60's, wearing a lovely wool coat, sharp scarf, and very nice grey classic brimmed hat a la 1950's.

"I don't know what it is technically, but I do know it's an Italian designer..." (It is a beauty, if I don't say so myself. It's a brown mini swing cape with petal fringe on the bottom and the collar. I got it at Syms for a song about 5 years ago, and since it's a swing style, it fits a waddling penguin woman just right)

"....but I really appreciate the compliment, it means a lot. I'm feeling sort of large these days."

"Oh, you've got someone on board? I didn't notice. Congratulations!"

"Thank you! Have a great day, sir."

"You too."

A little elevator exchange like that can make one's day. Or at least get one to their first cup of decaf without scowling. Much.


Del-V said...

Are you pregnant? I haven't noticed.

Julia said...

"Didn't even notice". See...you only feel big.

Matt Sears said...

It's just like when Betty Draper met Henry Francis!

Melissa Smith said...

that's so nice!
that cape thingy is pretty bad ass... you and your fetus wear it well!

Laura Suttell said...

Congratulations, Anne. I enjoyed seeing Olean in real-time this morning, all thanks to you.

Just Dave said...

There is no one more peautiful than a pregnant woman.

anne altman said...


gotta believe you, dave