Monday, January 25, 2010

Excited Prospective Grandmothers Take the Cake

Real cake (green layer: chocolate with ganache filling and white frosting, yellow layer: carrot with cream cheese frosting). After it was cut, I paid a little too much attention to this cake.

Diaper cake! Made with love by my mother.
Ingredients: Newborn disposable diapers. Sure, they're new, but the cake's not edible.
Unless you're a termite or whatever eats paper.

Scenes from a Baby Shower, January 23, 2010


teri said...

Oh, how lovely. Hope everyone had a good time and that you got lots of stuff.

love, jenn said...

Two great cakes! Though edible is always better! Unless you have poo in your pants.

Melissa Smith said...

Aw, Anne! Those cakes are awesome! Did you get everything from your wishlist?

anne altman said...

It was a wonderful day, lots of friends and family. Didn't get everything off the wishlist but Mr. Right and a Life of Leisure are understandably both rare, expensive items.

Melissa Smith said...

I'm pretty sure those are both made up items, some fairy tale our moms told us about just to get us out of the house.