Friday, January 08, 2010

Subway Seat Series

Today I was offered a seat on the subway by a mother and child (whilst plenty of spread-legged dudes just watched and sat) making the # of seats offered me thus far: 5

It should be noted that I appear to be smuggling a basketball under my coat, so unless you have a policy that you don't offer your seats to shoplifters of basketballs, and that's your excuse, then fine. Otherwise, you're just a jerk.

Then I got in an altercation with a woman coming down the stairs. I'll save that story for later.


Just Dave said...

I think that we, your loyal followers who don't happen to be in NYC, deserve an up-to-date picture. It doesn't have to be a la Demi Moore. Just show us the pregnant Anne.

Jenn Hyjack said...

I live here and I agree - I WANNA SEE your basketball!!

love, jenn said...

Hyjack- that sounds dirty... Don't get me wrong, I also wanna see Anne's "Basketball" :)

teri said...

what crazy person would argue with a pregnant lady? Can't wait to hear about the stairs incident.