Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ella Roof Heckendorn Liked to Write It Down

Another excerpt from my great grandmother Ella Roof's diary:


June 1940

Mrs. Port, Mrs. Fleming, and I played at Edna's one eve in June when Mrs. Port came down from Chatauqua.

July 12- Edna, Mrs. Benner, and I played at Flemings--Mrs. B served Salad, Rolls, Coffee.

July 19- Edna and Mrs. B- beat Mrs. Fleming, Edna and Mrs Jones played here--served peach salad and muffins and Mrs. Jones and Edna beat.

Sept - Had Mrs. Port, Mrs. Fleming and Edna for bridge. Served sea foam salad."

From Mom:
Johann Nicholas Borger married Ottillia Schaffer
Their daughter Babalonia Elisabetha Borger married Conrad Hawk
Their son John George Hawk married Elizabeth Dotter
Their daughter Elizabeth Hawk married John Ruff
Their son Samuel Roof married Lucy Ann Searfoss (Serfass)
Their daughter was Mary Ellen (Ella) Roof


love, jenn said...

Seafoam for all at the SHOWer!! Woo HOO!

BTW- my grandparents owned a hunting property in Chautauqua- one of my fave places to go!

anne altman said...

giMME diREcTioNS to hunTInG pROpERty pLeSe wANt To KiLl StUFf