Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fortune Cookie Brilliance: There Can Be Economy Only Where There is Efficiency

"There can be economy only where there is efficiency."

 LEARN CHINESE: Bean Sprout  / dou ya

Lucky Numbers: 56, 50, 43, 27, 49, 41

This fortune is spot on!  So accurate that I kept it in my wallet for a few months until I had a chance to write this post today. (Now that I have, I am tossing the fortune -as small as it is- into the recycling bin as proof that I'm staying on point here :  no matter how tiny the piece of paper, it no longer needs to take up space in my life that I've shared the wisdom online).

We generally believe that more choice is "more better" and that more is more is more. More options. More supplies. More bulk = more savings. But more stuff than one needs usually has only one guaranteed result: getting in the way of getting things done. Inefficiency wastes time, our most precious resource.

What kinds of things do you keep and why? Miss Minimalist's article on Exorcising Your Clutter Ghosts shines a light on those scary corners of your closets and helps you face the fear and reap the rewards of living with less.

Now, I'll try to remember to play those lucky numbers the next time I have a $1 for Lotto.

Oh, and dou ya*!

*bean sprout

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