Monday, January 05, 2009

Something Beautiful, Something Revolting

Waiting for the Metro North to Connecticut on New Year's Eve at Grand Central. During the holidays they have music and a light show on the ceiling. Gorgeous.

The place was bustling with folks; a beautiful, festive atmostphere all around.

Then I sat next to the most revolting human being on the face of the planet. Or, should I say, he sat next to me. Of course he did. I attract turds. He spent the entire trip from Manhattan to Westport reading the New York Times and picking his ears, nose, hair, nose, ear, ear hair, nose, nose hair and flicking the foul flotsam all about as if he were in his own personal private booger dome and not in public.

And here is the Most Revolting Man of 2008 gouging out the last boogers of 2008. Don't even think for a second that that finger is not jammed up that nostril, because it is.
New Year's Eve, 2008
NYC-CT via Metro North Railroad.


Grant Miller said...

Uh. That's my dad.

Thanks. Thanks a lot.

anne altman said...

tell him he sucks from me. he really really sucks.

anne altman said...

but you know that, probs.

Sans Pantaloons said...

Ugh, I hate flicking. He could have the decency to wipe.

Del-V said...

I hope he picked a winner.

blueberry said...

diggin' it, pickin' it and flickin' it.

Brandy For Sale. said...