Sunday, November 08, 2009

If You See Me

If you see me purchasing bleach, cleanser, paper towels, rubber gloves, duct tape, deodorizers, a dozen car air fresheners, an odor-absorbing mask, and the like, I'm not planning on covering the evidence a dead body.

I'm simply dealing with the cat piss deposit in a brand new carpet compliments of Doodle.

*The duct tape is for my mouth to silence the sound of my screaming.

**Though I was tempted to make Doodle a custom-made suit out of the tape, fit for her launch out the window.


Nina Paley said...

Maybe it's time to get her a litterbox. She's had a good run of using the toilet, but she's getting on in years.

anne altman said...



she is.

teri said...

plus her pee probably got into the wood or concrete that is below the carpet and she will always smell it.

if you make a sling shot out of her, can we get some pics? LOL!

Sans Pantaloons said...

On behalf of all that is justice and virtue, I apologise for this.