Friday, April 09, 2010

Off Topic, Sure

But if you're lookin' for some crappy clam diggers, capri pants, and other crappy crap, look no more!

You like embroideries? You like lighthouse embroideries? You like lighthouses embroidered on clam diggers? Get the hell out of here and get thyself to Bonworth!


Some Guy said...

Wouldn't that be "crapi pants"?

Sharon Shiner said...

camel toes?

teri said...

do ladies not realize that these outfits make them look like they are 85 years old?

anne altman said...

crapi pants indeeeeeed!

Unknown said...

Hahah Great post. Nothing like pretty pink pants for crawling in the mud and getting pooped on by bivalves!

Tom said...


Congrats on your son, too cute
He looks like a great Yankee prospect

Are we still on for a bean a game
If so, I'm up a bean
Good luck and hope to see you soon
Later Tom

Unknown said...

They have 100% polyester pants in 50 colors, including "natural."

Abbi Crutchfield said...

That gray haired woman is WASTING her body in those clothes. Look how statuesque! What exactly is that neckline called? Tug-boat-neck?