Wednesday, January 09, 2013

You Have Too Much And Others Don't Have Much - Where to Donate Stuff

So much to post while I'm decluttering, downsizing, and simplifying my life and so little time so first please forgive me and second, let me say, Happy New Year!

We're back home with a brand new kitchen, the old me would find a places to cram 10 lbs of crap into a 5 lb bag. The new me, however, is doing it differently: Evaulating all the stuff and making decisions about how I feel about each thing. The useful and beautiful stuff stays and the rest goes elsewhere.

Here's a list of NYC organizations which accept donations. If you're pressed for time and space, however, i'ts best if you drop your donations off to locations yourself;  not surprisingly, most of the charities I contacted this morning - including the Salvation Army - admitted they they too are overrun with too much stuff, and wait times are long for their Pick Up Services via truck.

More soon on other ways to move the un-used and un-loved stuff in your life out to those who could really use them!


Jillian said...

Dave told Matt you have a blog. My hubs and I are totally e-stalking you now. As it happens, I just got rid of like 60% of the kids' toys. So we're in the same 'minimalist' mental space.

K&P(&M&R)'s mom

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