Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Buffalo's Own Patti Novak

My new favorite show: Confessions of a Matchmaker on A&E.

Finally, Buffalo on the map, thanks to straight shootin' and sassy Patti Novak. Only a spicy saucy Buffalo gal could tell a man "You're gay," and have him be so cool with it that he lets her set up him with a dude. But this is, afterall, the home of the magical hot wing.

Every week Patti helps lonely people who walk in the door find love and happiness by giving them the harsh truth--in an equally harsh yet endearing accent of long a's. "You're too tan! Stop tanning for one week. You have harsh look. When you're fifty you're gonna look like an old bag! Do you know what hung up wet and rode hard means? Well, you're hard." In this hyper politically correct world, it's refreshing as an icy Labatt's Blue Light to hear someone telling it like it is.
The tan skank couldn't handle the truth and walked out of Patti's office, but the guy who went out with a dude had a great time! We certainly can't count on the Bills for happy endings, can we? Or the Sabres.

Ugh. Perhaps it was too soon to bring up the Sabres.

Way to go, Patti! Western New York is in the house in a good way!


Teri aka "Peach Pit" said...

I knew you would like this show.

Grant Miller said...

Do you have an email? I have a weird wedding photo for you. Email me from my site if you want it.

Laura Suttell said...

Anne! What a great surprise. I can across your blog while doing, er, research (yeah) on Patti Novak's show. How you are well. Haven't seen your wild cousin Michelle in too long.

Writing to you from sunny Buffalo,
Laura Suttell

beer234 said...

I think her show is a great twist on the typical dating reality show. Patti Novak is great in her tell the truth no matter what approach. I could not believe when she got that guy last week to date another guy and turned out to make an excellent match. I hope this show is a success I could watch it for a long time to come.

Patti Novak Confessions Of A Matchmaker

Anonymous said...

the show is the same as patti. dumb. why won't she refund money when she rips us all off for a grand at a time? total rip-off outfit!