Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wendy's 256 Ways Debate Update

No information as of yet to the query I posed last week about what assumptions Wendy's made in their claim that there are 256 ways to personalize a Wendy's hamburger. Our math guy says, "No, way, Jose. Prove it." Ok, he didn't actually say that, probably something more along the lines of "It's mathematically impossible. What, aw they friggin' retawded?"

Since lunch that day, I've called Wendy's corporate a total of 3 times now and left messages with the Marketing department. I'll will call again this afternoon, because I know that you're all waiting for answers. Tell me about it. I told the Wendy's people that I was a reporter on the beat and everything, ready to put the story to press, and hey, wouldn't they like to explain their side before I call them on their dodgy math? Perhaps Wendy's doesn't care, being up for sale and all. Or perhaps they're up for sale because of their dodgy math all around. Or how about poor customer service? How do you put a claim on a bag and not back it up, especially when you're begging people with a 1-888 number to get customer feedback? I mean, hello?

Will advise.

In the meantime, you'll may be entertained to know that the following searches in Google lead folks to Two Can Anne.

  1. Ritualistic murdering of red heads
  2. Wendy's 256 ways
  3. How to break up with someone and still be friends
  4. Pirate bikini
  5. Old train stations in PA

Again, I hope readers found the answers to what they were looking for on 1, 2, 4, and 5, because I can assure you I don't know the answer to #3. It's mathmatically impossible. What, aw you friggin' retawded?


newbluebaby said...

I was #4.

Del-V said...

And I was #3 and #5.

dirty said...

Wow...I'm a natural red head...although it is blond now and is never actually red (because ewe)...I should probably start fearing for my life right about now, shouldn't I?

anne altman said...

well, i wouldn't dwell on it, but probably not a bad idea to remind yourself with a few post its once in awhile.

Matt said...

Who's your math guy? Sounds like a jaded Elmer Fudd.