Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I Met the Mets!

Ok, I didn't really meet the Mets per se, but I did see a game for the first time at Shea Stadium last night! Exciting! And when I mentioned that I was going to the game, even Met fans would say defensively, "Shea is shit." But you know what? I loved it. You know why? I don't expect much. I'm a Red Sox fan, I like stuff I've never done before, and I don't consider anything built in the 1960s "old." And to me, Shea was grand. Oh, and it didn't hurt that they were the best seats I've ever had in my entire life at any major league ballpark. That was a huge factor in the awesome experience for sure. They are what you might call, "Rich White Man Seats" and let me tell you something, rich white men have it made. And not for nothin', I feel a wee bit disenfranchised being a poor white woman. My party is not well represented unless we know people. And last night, luckily I did.

Mets Stadium is different from Fenway or Yankee Stadium in more ways other than the obvious. I got a casual vibe from the joint. More kids. Less drunken violence (at least where we were sitting, we were the only drunken violents) It was nice. I'd describe the stadium as Mid-1960's Provincial Goodness with a dash of City Grime and Gritty Edge for Effect. I found the large cranes and other signs of the new stadium being built to be depressing and and exciting at the same time. Unlike the way I feel about the new Yankee Stadium, which is completely asshole-ish in every way, shape, and form and every bit like Steinbrenner. Gross.

The Mets have funny traditions. They have a "Love Cam" where they catch couples on the JumboTron and then they have to kiss. Also, Met fans eat a lot of ice cream and really enjoy doing so. And they shout "Mustachio" when Jose Valentin is up at bat. Anyhoodle, our host, who so generously invited us to the game, had to go back to New Jersey (it happens) so we missed the last few innings and the Mets ended up losing. But, whatevs. They were great seats. Oh, and we rode the elevator up to the Diamond Club with Ralph Kiner. So, put that in your hat and smoke it.

Shea Stadium, Mets v. Cardinals, June 26, 2007



GETkristiLOVE said...

I've never been to Shea or any stadium on the east coast for that matter, so I enjoyed all the pix.

Grant Miller said...

I'd like to go to Shea before the Mets leave.

Thanks for the evite.

Liz said...

i don't think the sentence "rich white men have it made" has ever before been uttered.