Monday, June 18, 2007

Ever Play That Game A$$hole?

I played it in Brooks Brothers this afternoon when I bought 4 snarky douchebag golf shirts in a rainbow of colors including Steve Forbes Pistachio, Drunk Uncle Ted's Roseacea, and Traditional White Man's Burden.


I know! I don't even golf!


I know! But they were in sale for $38 a piece if you bought three or more!


Alright, they were $39.99 or whatevs.

OH, God I know. Don't even look at me, I know! No, I can't afford them really, but I just want to fit in! I just want to fit in. I want to wake up everyday like the dudes in my office and my wardobe choice be limited to a khaki pants/ collared golf shirt/ comfortable shoe uniform so I don't have to freakin' spend so much energy on complicated and annoying lady outfits. Ayite?

Freakin' dudes. They have it all. Especially the rich old money ones. Anybody know where I can buy one of those?


Just Dave said...

Try the Hamptons. They're lousy with 'em. Just sign the prenup with a false name.

anne altman said...

done and DONE my friend!