Thursday, June 14, 2007

I Love Atlantic City Despite its Fupas

Did I say fupa*? I'm sorry, I meant to say faux pas.

Atlantic City, NJ ~ September, 2006

No, I didn't.

*fupa: pronoucned foopa, n.~fat upper pelvic area. not the best look.


whipcreamy said...

my friend is an RN and part of her job is to clean underneath people's fupas...alot of the time that area gets infections because it doesn't get cleaned thoroughly.

anne altman said...

thanks for that, over my morning coffee, whip.


whipcreamy said...


Amber Dalton said...

I thought that was called "front butt."

That's from an old SNL news hour - Tina Fey.

My maiden name is Altman. You're funny. I'm funny. Obviously we are related.


Carolyn said...

I believe it's "Fat Upper Pu55y Area." But check Encyclopaedia Britannica, to be sure.

anne altman said...

oh it is, alright. no need to look that one up. i was just being...


i know. new look for me. not so good.