Saturday, June 30, 2007

Put Me in Coach

God, I hate the Yankees. But I love baseball so much that I never turn down free tickets. Today the Yanks were spanked by Oakland, and when I left in the 7th they were losing 7 to 0. I wish they would have scored a run or two for this little kid, who was adorable and so into the game that his mother spent 6 innings tapping him on the shoulder trying to get him to sit in his seat (see the second to last photo). He was the only fan I encountered who was giving me stink eyes, totally visibly disgusted by my Boston hat. Excellent.

Yankee Stadium, Yankees vs. Oakland, June 30, 2007


The McMommy said...

You gotta respect his true love for the game...even if his loyalties are completely misplaced.

True story...we saw the Yanks vs. Boston in NY last year. The step next to our seats was just slightly higher than the others. So everyone, and I mean everyone, tripped going up. We spent the entire game (and so did 5 rows in front and 5 rows in back) predicting who would trip and enjoying the especially obnoxious ones spill beer all over themselves.

If I were a Yankee fan and I had season tickets, these would be the ones I would want. Best 19.00 I have spent in my life.

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