Tuesday, August 28, 2007

All I'm Saying Is, If Becoming Senior Citizen =

Wearing a housecoat and squaking at the 99 Cent Store clerk that the plastic folder shouldn't cost 99 cents but instead 50 cents because even though yes, it is marked 99 cents, I found it in the 50 cent area:

Then I'm totally fine with dying now.

Go ahead. Right between the eyes, please. I don't need the folder that bad.

Jack's 99 Cent Store, 39th Street, NYC

August 28, 2007


Invig said...

Why aren't you in bed young lady??? It's time for people on other continents to be up and about!!!

And don't worry about getting old, in the future we'll all live in cyberspace (or take crazy new designer drugs perhaps)

anne altman said...

she didn't end up buying the folder.

Jen said...


Rudy Rizcheck said...

Of course she didn't buy it. It was double what she expected to pay!

Michele said...

i was at that same jack's on sunday...
i bought a pregnancy test.