Tuesday, August 21, 2007

America Has Spoken: Reading is Gay

1 in 4 read no books last year. Sounds about right.

Come on, people. Open a book and stick with it. Sure, the beginning's always a little rough going, but once you get over that--and the fact that people will see you reading a book and think you're a nerd--you'll surprise yourself with the stuff you'll learn and whatevers. For example, contrary to popular belief, you might be surpised to know that Jose Canseco didn't have sex with Madonna*, they just made out for awhile. Or you may find out that Jerry Garcia didn't lose his right middle finger in the war.** Nope, in fact, his brother lopped it off by accident with an axe when they were goofing around chopping wood.

*From "Juiced" by Jose Canseco
**From "Dark Star: An Oral Biography of Jerry Garcia" by Robert Greenfield


Del-V said...

Wow. I learned something reading your blog. I heard Jerry bit his own finger off when he was tripping on acid. This ax accident is news (and a lot more believable).

Anyway, I'm still not going to read books. I learn everything I need to know from reading blogs and watching FoxNews.

Anonymous said...

That's the saddest statistic I've ever read. Although it would explain a lot.