Monday, August 20, 2007


Whew.'s some news, hot off the press:

I guess 8 p.m. is your return time to JFK when you take a non-stop, 45 minute 2:50 p.m. flight from Boston, folks. So...plan accordingly for the extra-special door-to-door Fun Time Charlie Experience.

Remember, we live in Suck World, and 45 minutes is now approximately 8 hours, so when your dentist says "Let's schedule a root canal for next week. It'll take less than an hour..." you know what you're dealing with. Talk to Doodle for cryin' out loud. Poor thing spent closer to ten hours in the car, in the airport, in the plane, in the shuttle bus to baggage claim, in the carry bus to Grand Central--all in a bag. I think her expressions here say it all, and this was in the beginning of the trip:

In short, our trip there and back was safe, and that's what is really important, but nonetheless, I'm not me if I'm not sharing with you my sweet, sweet, rage-filled sputum--this time on airline travel(specifically Jet Blue flights from JFK to Burlington, VT and Boston to JFK)--so get psyched for that crap, man. Get friggin' psyched.

Goodness! So much badness to blog about and so little time to be re-angered, right? Maybe for the sake of my sanity and yours, I'll post about Vermont Woofies first. Who doesn't want to see some Green Mountain Woofers? i LoVe doG aNd doG LoVeS mE!

*Not to be confused with Suck City


Just Dave said...

It's not just Jet Blue. My 5:15pm United flight from LaGuardia to Denver left at 10:30pm. Everyone was fairly nice though. Maybe because they closed the airport twice for thunderstorms and nobody wanted to fly into one of those suckers.

anne altman said...

so...basically it's Bush again.


Creepy said...

Hell hath no fury like a female cat scorned...