Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Vermont-a-Go-Go 2007 Woofie Awards




Dogs in Northeastern Vermont, August 2007

Vote now!

And don't worry, nothing cruel or unusual will happen to the dogs who don't win. All woofies are winners at Two Can Anne.

* Please note: #C is techincally a North Shore of Boston Dog (note the sea in the background), but I took the photo while on on the last leg of my Vermont Vacation, so whomever has a problem with this technicality can just suck it.


Nina Paley said...

I vote for F. Looks like Bruno.

anne altman said...

even tho i'm not sure i'm supposed to vote (collusion?), i'm going with C, whatevers. simply because rita proves that indeed: dogs do smile. bob rescued her from katrina and she's totally stoked.

anne altman said...
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Special K said...

I vote for E.
The corgi is seriously cute, though.

ConnieAndTina said...

i'm so all about G. adorable wrinkly puppy face!

Del-V said...

I'm voting for G.

anne altman said...

G it is.

pitbull puppy!

whipcreamy said...

G????? NO! Definately B or D.

Sans Pantaloons said...

H, and you on the can.

Creepy said...


anne altman said...

Anne on the Can it is!