Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Gay Schmay

Being gay is the least of your problems. What you are, Senator, is an a-hole.

"I'm not gay. I did nothing wrong." I hate how these dudes are so adamant about disassociating themselves with being gay. What's wrong with being gay? Let's say he wasn't gay, and he's soliciting broads for sex in a ladies' room, that would be ok?

And yet Craig's association with Mitt Romney is ok? ROMNEY? You did something wrong, alright, Senator. Talk about gross.


Del-V said...

Holding a press conference to say you are not gay is - ironically - extremely gay.

anne altman said...

i just want everyone to know who is reading this blog that i am not gay.

lately, unfortunately, i'm not even straight.

i am a eunuch.