Friday, August 10, 2007

Funtime Phrases That Make Me Want to Punch You in the Nutbag

It seems like just yesterday that we were blessed with the ubiquitous "Talk to the hand!" and "Don't even go there!" from just about everyone all the time. Man, were those fun quips, or what? Goodness gracious, yes they were. Everyone got a chance to be funny for once. But seemingly suddenly, those phrases were considered passe. And people like me, could relax a little bit. Until, that is, the new one arrived, a big favorite at the workplace, the hilarious, side-splitting, pants-pissing, zinger of all zingers, "Thanks for comin' in today!"

That one's great, right? I know! I love it! We all love it! Can't you tell how much I love it when I reply, "My pleasure! It's great to be here, asshole!"

Hey, curious though, what's it gonna take for that funtime phrase to go away, huh? Because if you say "Being the first in the office in the morning and the last to leave," not only is that the wrong answer, I'm going to punch you in the nutbag.


piglet said...

Simma dawn naw!

glittergirl said...

phrases i hate:

1. "too funny!" (said while the person isn't even laughing)

2. "literally!" (ex: "i literally blogged for ,like, 24 hours in a row!")

3. "at the end of the day...' (if you say that, at the end of the day you're an a-hole)


Anonymous said...

thumbs down:


"mix it up"

thumbs up:

"jamb it"

Cod said...

"It's all about you".

If I see one more dry cleaner with that on the window,killing spree.