Monday, August 27, 2007

Did Somebody Say Cocktails at 11:30 A.M.?

Say no more!

That's right, folks, tomorrow I'll be at my second BLOHARDS (Benevolent Loyal Order of Honorable and Ancient Red Sox Diehard Sufferers of New York) Luncheon at the Yale Club, and this time I'm not going back to work with my sauce on like last time. Tonight, I'll make sure my camera battery is juiced; I want a photo with my honey Joe Castiglione! I hope he sits at my table...err, that I'm sitting at his, rather...


Seven and a half games ahead of the Yanks! GO SOX.


Grant Miller said...

Your Red Sox killed my Sox w/out the help of Manny on Sunday. I saw it all happen live and in person.

It broke my heart.

anne altman said...


now that your heart is broken, you may have what it takes be a red sox fan.

Just Dave said...

16-0. That is to say, sixteen runs for the Detroit Tigers and how many for the Yankees? Oh, yeah, none, as in zero, zilch, nada. A historical ass-whuppin, to be sure.

anne altman said...

deep breaths
deep breaths...

dammit if i only didn't have plans tonight, tomorrow, and the next!

SO, if i'm with you, it's not that i'm not paying attention to you, it's just that i may have a hidden earphone.