Thursday, August 23, 2007

Incontinent Men in Search of Confidence?

Men's Confidence Briefs

Traditional men's briefs with a special moisture-proof panel are perfect for those with minor incontinence. The Dupont Coolmax™ lining in this underwear keeps skin comfy and dry and protects clothing from wet spots. Made in the USA. Machine washable poly/cotton.
Moisture-Proof Panel Protects from Stains & Odor

Available in waist sizes: SM(28"-32"), MED(34"-38"), LG(40"-44"), XLG(46"-48") or XXL(50"-52

Pissy pants aside, I'm not sure if a guy with a dink this big suffers from a lack of confidence.


Nina Paley said...

He suffers from a lack of continence.

kindcountyboy said...

It's often hard to shake the little remaining droplets of pee off your tool, especially when in a hurry. Likewise, nothing is more embarrassing in the office setting than returning from the boyz room with little droplets on your Khaki pants. Noble idea, though commando is the only way to go!

Tamy said...

Those briefs actually look like what my bf wears. hrm...