Sunday, November 12, 2006

I Swam With the Coney Island Polar Bears Today, What'd You Do?

The Coney Island Polar Bear Club has been around for at least a hundred years. At any rate, it's a wicked long time. I'd be more specific about it, but I've given you a link for the interesting information because I'm tired; I swam in the 45-50 degree Atlantic today for cryin' out loud. In November. But, I was lucky for my first swim: it's been 50s/60s out, so not too bad. Try icy and snowy January, says my friend Mike, a Polar Bear. I don't know about that just yet, I'm still patting myself on the back from today's accomplishment. So, shove it.
Pre-Dip Nerves
11/12/06, Coney Island, Brooklyn

Anne's Debut Dip with the Coney Island Polar Bear Freaks
11/12/06 ~ Coney Island, Brooklyn

I'm front and center, not paying attention to the cameras and chatting with Danny
11/12/06~Coney Island, Brooklyn

Exhuasted from the swim and the excitement, but satiated after real Brooklyn pizza at historic Totonno's on Neptune Avenue with Mike.

11/12/06 Coney Island, Brooklyn

I dare you to ask "Mrs. Totonno" for some icing or fudge'ems dipping sauce for your crust.

11/12/06 ~ Coney Island, Brooklyn


Chris Battle said...

Holy shit. You did it. Congrats.

The Totonno's, I mean. Oh yeah, good job on that swimming thing or whatever.

*Coincidentally, my word verification was "buurrn"

Blondie said...

Holy poops. I am cold just looking at you in the water!

The Boob Lady said...

That's amazing! I've done that. It's nuts. I live about 5 minutes from the Atlantic where I am, and I go often. Just to dip a toe in. :) Congrats!

Fargrave said...

Congratulations! Here's a cookie!

Some Guy said...

You rule! Yeah, we do this up by me, too. Wait til you try doing it through a chopped hole in the ice. Talk about shrinkage!

Just Dave said...

Good job, Altman. I once dove into a pool on Christmas Day. People watching swore I bounced off the surface and landed on the other side. All I know is that it was damn cold. My congratulations on your courage and I like the Anne without makeup pitures. You look about 18.

Creepy said...

You're insane.

And maybe I'm just spoiled from living in Florida, but that water looks, um, gross.

matt said...

Thanks for asking. I had a great day. I spent it robbing the empty homes of all the Coney Island Polar Bears.

Elizabeth said...

talk about taking one for the team! i am impressed.

Brandy For Sale. said...

Alty, you're one class act type of broad.

Valerie said...

Who paid you and how much?

anne altman said...

some dude asked mrs. totonno for some dipping sauce and she crushed his skull with a tire iron she keeps in her apron. it was weird.