Friday, April 07, 2006

Bad Boy Names

1) Adolf
2) Saddam
3) Pol
4) Benito
5) Brutus
6) Idi
7) Slobodan
8) Fidel
9) Osama
10) Judas-------Psych! Judas has now been placed on the Good Boy Names list. Feel free to start using it again, people.


newbluebaby said...

Judas is fine. It's Jesus that just screams "asshole".

Liz said...

when i think of "bad boy names", i think "jeremy", not "pol" but good job, anne.

read an article yesterday that judas was jesus' favorite. i don't know what that means in the scheme of things.

anne altman said...

yeah they found the gospel of judas and it turns out he wasn't a traitor afterall. people aren't gonna believe it. pol pot was hot

anne altman said...

newbluebaby i'm telling your parents you said that about jesus