Tuesday, April 25, 2006

How I Discovered Amber's Baseball Glove

I feel I need to explain the process of how I came across the most amusing link ever. I am talking endless amusement. Dakota State offered some sort of computer class where students had to create their own webpages, and well, again, endless amusement. Anyway, Renee Zellweger had just married Kenny Chesney in a delightful surprise evening ceremony:

(Can someone explain her posture here, please? Is it "I'm so demure and skinny!")

And I didn't know who the hell Kenny Chesney was, so I googled an image of him, and up came:

(Some dorks at the Kenny Chesney Concert) Hilarious! It was from there that I found
the endless amusement and I never get tired of cruising it, nor will you.

Now, let's get back to Renee and Kenny for a second. Yes, their marriage has since been annulled. But when exactly

did Renee

think that

she was marrying

a straight



whipcreamy said...

man oh man. i just checked out that link with the south dakota state student webpages....talk about POdunk. how about east bumfuck? i am never making fun of new hampshire, vermont, or maine AGAIN!

Liz said...

man oh man is right.
that's something else. the whole thing--south dakota, amber, kenny, kenny in a santa hat.

Lametemp said...

I was having a bad day, but a few minutes on the south dakota website and things seemed better. I could be having a really bad life. poor amber.

whipcreamy said...

must comment again. amber's favorite qoute is, "climb every mountain, ford every stream". Her favorite movie is Save the Last Dance. She even has a favorite military sector....the marines. remind me not to go to South Dakota...

Sharon S said...

I hate Renee Zelwigler - what the hell is wrong with her face?
I'd like to go up to her lips and twist them like I was giving her a purple nurple.