Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Obscenities Before Coffee

I got a nice comment this morning from First-Giant-Cock, who said "Click here for uncensored photos and videos!" The name Giant-Cock must have been taken, and who wants to be Second-Giant-Cock? Nobody. I haven't even woken up yet. Fellas, you're fooling yourselves. In real life (as opposed to porn life) no lady wants to see a giant cock first thing in the morning--I supsect not even on her honeymoon--so put it away, or stick it in the freezer. Good grief. Thanks. Bye.

1 comment:

Lametemp said...

Does a lady really want to see a "giant" cock at any time of the day? Really? Most women are content with a slightly larger than average one. Maybe the broads in the pornos think "oh its giant, this will be fun", but most women (who haven't been around the block as many times as the porno girl getting "pleasured" in three holes at once) would say "oh its giant, this might not work out so well." But what do I know -- perhaps naming your website "First-Slightly-Larger-Than-Average-Cock" isn't a good marketing move.