Saturday, April 08, 2006

Good Grief, Leif!

When I was a kid in the 70s, Teen Beat was the popular rag, and Leif Garrett was always on the cover. My best friend Andrea was obsessed with him, so madly in love with him, that I think she actually had a subscription to Teen Beat. Or Tiger Beat. Same diff. Anyway, we never had the same taste in boys. I was more into brunettes like Matt Dillon. Now, despite the faggy way Leif was dressed for those cover shoots, I thought he was cute enough:

But let us fast forward 30 years to Leif Garrett now, where he was arrested again this weekend for testing positive for drugs while in rehab:

Um, I don't even know quite what to say. Way to ruin the nostalgia for my youth with that orange jump suit and those scabs on your face, Leif. What would Andrea think if she saw you like this? Get it together, man.

p.s. Matt Dillon? Still hot.


cboone said...

Ummm. He looks better now.

anne altman said...

andrea didn't seem to mind the faggy duds and 'do. she must have loved that toothy lippy smile of his. and what happened to his adorable toothy, lippy smile? it is now covered in scabs. tragic.

Sharon S said...

the "new" leif garret looks awful - whats up with the open sores on his face?

whipcreamy said...

isn't this the classic child star syndrome? did you expect any different?

Liz said...

scabs go away. usually. he's in handcuffs and an orange jumpsuit. cut him some slack on the blood.