Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Would You Put Your Foot Down?

Or would you resign yourself to the red fleece vest?
(And the life that accompanies it?)
Dad looks a little resigned. He's looking us in the eye. Is it a cry for help or is it a smirk that says, "I'm already cheating on my wife with a woman who never makes me wear this vest."


newbluebaby said...

Maybe they're on a boat. I think fleece floats.

whipcreamy said...

notice that the right side of the photo is dark while the father and son are left in the light...is that a sign? i don't know what i sould do if i was that little girl...i mean, as a kid it's fun to dress up like that...but as soon as i hit age ten i'd be outta there in no time.

Liz said...

interesting observation, whipcreamy--noting the different shades in the backdrop, i must ask: did the photographer possibly have to merge two photos together to make this one because the vision of 4 red vests made her dizzy with disgust? furthermore, doesn't this family know that green, not red, is the new black? people as concerned with fashion as these folks should take heed.

Sharon S said...

that family needs to go home, now.
I hate frigging portrait photos like that. I am proud to say that I have NEVER sat my kids for a picture like that, and I NEVER will. GEIGH!!!!!!!!!!!

anne altman said...

thank god. people usually have pictures like this up in their house all big and shit on their walls as if they forget what each others' ugly mugs look like.