Friday, April 28, 2006

Last Call With Carson Daly

Dear Mr. Daly,

Why do you tease us with the heavenly prospect of Last Call yet continue to reappear the following evening, you bug-eyed, block-headed idiot?

When will you keep your word?

It's never Last Call. Last Call implies, "Hey, in a few minutes, you'll not be able to drink from this bug-eyed, block-headed fool fountain--come 'n' get it, before it's gone..."

And yet, you're never gone.

Why do you lie? When is Final Last Call?

Please, pretty please, stop fucking with us, you stupid, bug-eyed jerk.




P.S. You have bug eyes
P.P.S And a block head
P.P.P.S. Neither are t.v. compatible


Oberon said...

......i love beets too....does that make me weird?

Cocaine Jesus said...

carson daly? even the name seems phony.

anne altman said...

right? daly. hmmmrph. so lame.

newbluebaby said...

Yea! wait... what?!

anne altman said...

i know this douche named brian carson. also lame.