Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Hello Hitty

I'm LMAO on Happy Administrative Professionals Day. It's my day, dammit, and that's how I want to spend it. I want to laugh. It makes me forget that I'm an Administrative Professional. I consider myself more semi-pro. I mean, I play in the major league, but I do prefer the minors. Better uniforms.

I met a fella from the mailroom one day last month when we were both donors at the company blood drive. I was LMAO and he was LHAO because we were both so nervous about the whole thing (it's a story for another time to tell it properly), and a few weeks later he saw me sitting out here in all my Administrative Professional Glory and said, "Anne, is that you? Oh, shit, I thought you were some hot-shot lawyer or somethin' and you sit out here?"

You don't get compliments like that everyday.

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