Thursday, April 20, 2006

A Place In The Sun

The night before Easter, we had a little party to celebrate the Easter Bunny and Jesus and his coming-back-from-the-dead thing with a bunch of booze and drugs and cheese. At one point we were discussing great movies, and of course, "A Place in the Sun" starring the gorgeous (and gay) Montgomery Clift, red red hot Liz Taylor, and the amazing (and sadly, recently late) Shelley Winters came up. If you haven't seen it, you should, because it's fantastic and tragic, and Liz never looked so good. Martin hadn't seen it yet, so Dave and I were rattling off other movies that he needs to Netflix, and he jotted them down. At one point, I shouted "Mannequin II!"thinking it was an obvious (and clearly hilarious) joke, but on my way out, I saw it was on his Netflix list. I wonder if he should rent "Mannequin I" first so he knows what's going on.

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newbluebaby said...

There is a scene in Mannequin II that takes place in medevil times, on a bridge. I was under that bridge fishing when they shot that. My friend Dave walked into the shot and the director yelled "Cut! Get him outta here!", like something you'd see in a movie. I gave some trout to the soundman. True story. That's all I got.