Friday, April 21, 2006

Messenger Bag or Man Purse?

Poor dudes. They are dying for the hands free freedom and accessibility of a purse, but they're terrified of what it implies: fag. Sad, but true. Lately it seems as if the lines between messenger bag and man purse are getting fuzzier and fuzzier, which makes me laugh (heh heh). Messenger bags are worn with a shoulder strap, yes, but are generally quite wide to accomodate all of those items messengers have to messenger. These smaller versions are narrower, but still sport the shoulder strap--but you're not fooling me, a hands-free purse lover myself. Dudes should just take a stand and proclaim, "Yeah, it's a purse. What of it?" This dude looks like he works out and could take a heckler shouting "Nice Man Purse, Fag!" He could be like, "Takes one to know one, homo!" And then throw down. You know?

Messenger Bag or Man Purse? You decide.


Lametemp said...

At least he's not wearing a fanny pack. I saw a couple men on the subway this week trying to bring that look back. Let's do all we can to stop that.

Liz said...

i have a fanny purse. it's hip. seriously. and gets compliments. but i don't want to see a guy wearing one.
this topic was covered in a seinfeld episode, we'll recall. as is every topic, really. i think guys are probably bummed that the pants with about 8 huge pockets are out of style. i concur: i would miss that if i ever have it. well, i miss the days in college when i would walk around with a wallet in my back pocket, maybe. nothing else. "purses". no way. now i can't leave my apartment without about half of it strapped to my shoulder. oh to be 19 and hands-free.

newbluebaby said...

The worst part? 95% of those man purses are filled with nothing the man needs. Maybe a book they read on the bus or subway. Perhaps a lunch. Certainly porn. But most of them are useless.