Saturday, April 15, 2006

Two Can Anne & Whipcreamy Drive East

Here's a shot of me and half of Whipcreamy in the midst of our Cross Country Cali to DC Roadtrip 04, somewhere outside of Joshua Tree, on our way to Vegas. Whipcreamy's entire Santa Barbara apartment is in the back of the Rodeo. Notice

1) We are not concerned with rear view visibility. Safety is gay.
2) Paper towels are conveniently situated--Always Be Prepared
3) I'm either having a really great time, or I'm showing off my new dentures. Why can't I smile like a normal person?

Incidentally, I plugged this picture of myself into where their face recognition system will scan your bone structure and features and tell you what celebrity you resemble most, woman or man. My twin? Ruben Studdard. Fantastic. Just in time for swimsuit season. Lame. I have got to stop smiling like that.


Liz said...

not to correct you, two can, but wasn't that 05, not 04?

tis a good observation, though: what road trip doesn't have paper towels within a short arm's stretch?

anne altman said...

It was both: jan '04 and feb '05 which always makes dating the photos tricky...

Liz said...

no, that doesn't make sense. does the new year start on feb 1?

anne altman said...

when you're high it does!