Monday, April 10, 2006

My Next Read

I was watching t.v. and killing time before I left the house for a drink on Saturday night, when I came across Tim Russert's show. He was interviewing Dave "Mudcat" Saunders and Steve Jarding, authors of the fascinating new book I need to read called Foxes in the Hen House, and I could not tear myself away. These guys are Democrats, native Southerners, and totally friggin' engaging and smart as they explain why Southerners (who are completely being disenfranchised by the Republican agenda) voted for George Bush. For example, when Bush attacked Kerry's military record, Kerry let him get away with it because he was too afraid that rebutting would make him look hostile and confrontational. That backfired, obviously, because then the South considered him a "wuss." The "Wuss Factor" was the Democrats demise. As Mudcat pointed out, he should have said, "How DARE you question my service or record in Vietnam. I'll debate you on this topic anywhere, anytime. Let's compare records. What exactly did you do in Vietnam you stupid little beady-eyed dipshit?" Ok, maybe not the stupid little beady-eyed dipshit part, but still. With hope, the Democrats read this book before the next election and learn themselves something.

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