Friday, April 07, 2006

Big Love for Dolls

Marie Osmond, everyone's favorite doll-lovin' Mormon, has launched a new Doll Giveaway called "Have a Won-Doll-Full-Day!" How clever! And won-doll-full, I might add! Just think, you could be the lucky devil to win lil' Sara Elizabeth:

"Sculpted, named, and costumed after the daughter of Marie Osmond’s dear friend and colleague, Peggy Vicioso, “Sara Elizabeth” is a delightful addition to Marie’s “Portrait” collection. When Sara was only 1½ years old, her mom lovingly designed and sewed the original dress which we’ve replicated for the “Sara Elizabeth” doll. Now, all these many years later, Sara and Peggy have worked together to help re-create every detail of “Sara Elizabeth” in porcelain, proving once more that doll collecting brings generations together.

EEEEEW. Too bad Marie Osmond's dear friend Peggy Vicioso didn't have a better lookin' kid.

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whipcreamy said...

hahaha taco bell liz's full name is Elizabeth Sarah.