Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Irritating Boy Names

In no particular order (with the exception of #1, it's definitely the worst.)

1) Seth
2) Chad
3) Jared
4) Kurt
5) Todd
6) Keith
7) Craig
8) Greg
9) Gary
10) Brandon
11) Dakota
12) Jordan
13) Brendan
15) Tanner
16) Blake
18) Bryce
19) Logan
20) Brad

The list goes on and on, this is all that's coming to me at the moment. If you have the misfortune of having of these names, I apologize. I know it's not your fault. Unless, of course, you chose the name. Then you're lame.


Liz said...

we've discussed this: Seth is TERRIBLE but what about Keith. KEITH??? wow. bad news. i think it's my number one.

next is Seth and then Chad.

We have a cat in the office named Jared. I don't know who thought that was an okay decision. poor guy. he's a bully because he has to make up for his bad name (see: all Keiths).

anne altman said...

i will revise the list to add those obvious flagrant foul names..but i'm not giving Keith the number one spot. Please, at least you can say Keith without spitting all over the place.

Liz said...


whipcreamy said...

i dont mind keith....but i don't see the name ned on there.

whipcreamy said...

oh...and bruce sucks too.

Sharon S said...

Someone I work with has the name Bridge. Now that's annoying.

And Neil, if it's not on the list needs to be as well.

Liz said...

neil. yes.
ned...don't offend abby with that one! she is going to have a baby named ned.

i'm seeing a lot of soap opera names on this list: blake, hunter, logan, taylor (if it's not on the list, it should be), etc. who names their children these names? i can picture these guys being 20 something frat boys or business sauve and savvy dudes (is that repetitive?), but i can't picture mom introducing her baby with some of these names.

i do not have a problem with all of these names. however, i am glad to see the list has grown since morning. i like this topic. it could go on forever. girls next, anne?

Liz said...

one more thing: boys are named dakota? isn't the "a" indicative that it must be a girl's name?

anne altman said...

dakota was in the 'most popular boys names for 2000' so i guess the a/o thing only applies in italy or france france underpants. . .

newbluebaby said...

I'm going to change my name to Peter Lemonjello.