Friday, June 09, 2006

Yankee Locker Room Secrets

Ok, so a friend of a friend of a friend of mine works at some type of job where he has been in the Yankee locker room because he interviews and writes about the Yankees for some type of media outlet. I asked my friend of said friend of a friend if she had any information on any Yankee dongs. She told me some alleged facts. Here's what I remember:
  1. Derek Jeter: Not the cock the ladies imagine lives in those pinstriped pants of his apparently. I'm convinced he's a grower and not a shower, and I refuse to belive otherwise.
  2. Gary Sheffield: Steps on his dong if it's not strapped in correctly. I say, who cares-he's a trash-talking jerk, and a big dink isn't going to make him more attractive to me.
  3. Hideki Mitsui: Pig in a blanket of long straight pubes which he combs frequently. Long. Straight. Combs. Frequently.

That is all.


Bumpkyn said...

Sometimes the pubes need a good brushing, not mine, but sometimes they do become unmanageable and knotted--who wants wild and knotty pubes?? I don't want them and I don't want to see them on others..Keep combing Hideki Mitsui, I support you.

newbluebaby said...

I thought this was about Yankee Locker Room Secrets, not Yankee Pants Secrets.

anne altman said...

Locker room = dick.

what are you, retarded newblue?

ok, here's a secret: there is athlete's foot in the shower

Valerie said...

can't tell you about any Yankees, but I can tell you some Red Sox locker room=dick. :)

Course, I wouldn't DAAAAAARE say names on blog.

Berry said...

Next time, ask your friend's friend's friend to snap a few discreet pics, and then you can post them and we can all play the "guess whose dick?" game. Mitsui is off limits, though. Too easy.

Valerie said...

They have tampon machines in the Yankees locker room? Hmmmm, odd.

Unknown said...

Oh sweet jesus in a thong..this is true reporting..the kind I link to..bless you girl.